Many happy clients

Many satisfied clients in portfolio.People are happy, satisfied and recommend Tuljo for any digital transformation.

Great clients I have had a luck to work for:



Client: Akzo Nobel NV, a multi-national corporation, 55000 employees, operating in 80 countries. Retail, wholesale, production of coatings and chemicals.

Task: Turn digital and eCommerce strategies into tangible and deliverable projects. 2015 - June 2017.


Projects in digital transformation programme:

  1. Re-platformed a retail eCommerce channel to new digital platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics stores system and other ERP systems in UK, migrated from legacy IT systems enabling to grow the revenue and lower maintenance costs. My delivery methodology and technical solution is currently being deployed further across the EMEA.
  2. Managed development of new order handling system based on MS Dynamics AX, SAP, and Sana Commerce allowing to digitalize manual processes, cut the cost of operation, provide daily sales figures, streamline the work flows, and improve the trade customer experience.
  3. Knowledge Management, worked in the programme board to define the strategy and sub projects, simplify PMO process and achieve one version of truth about the information accessible to business.
  4. IT system for knowledge management, assembled the project team, introduced Agile way of working, defined scope and phased roadmap, helped specify the requirements and user stories, select CMS, guided project managers and stakeholders.
  5. Technical solution and data cleansing to supply product and marketing information from SAP and other databases over an API and third party service to eTail partners.
  6. Digital mix lab plugin offering various colour journeys on 3rd party websites to improve Dulux eTail customers' colour experience. Coordinated the project and prototyping.
  7. Multiple eCommerce channels transformation into one digital business destination to drive sales through unrivalled customer experience. Delivered roadmap to simpler digital model, initiated and managed the project and product owners in UK, achieved stakeholders buy-in, facilitated parties.

Feedback from the client:

Mike Beddington, Proposition, CX & Digital Transformation Lead:
Tuljo worked with me to define and deliver an omni-channel/digital transformation programme for the UK business. Tuljo did a fantastic job and was instrumental at: simplifying the complex into bit size deliverables, helping the business to adopt a minimum viable product mind set, managing a cross functional team across multiple companies and geographies, keeping the team focused and motivated on delivery, removing barriers without fuss. Many of the ideas and methodologies Tuljo used have been deployed globally, including the base strategy we created. I have no hesitation in recommending Tuljo for any digital transformation.


Royal College of Radiologists

Client: Royal College of Radiologists, a non-governmental organisation.

Task: Lead a major digital services transition and migration project. 2014 - 2015.

Actions: Introduced Agile delivery approach to Prince2 guided project. Project initiation and execution, procurement. Development, UAT, onboarding, project team, stakeholder and supplier management.



Tesco PLC

Client: Tesco Dotcom, a web and mobile branch of the FTSE 100 retailer.

Task: Manage launch of mobile and responsive microsites to very short timescale. 2013.

Delivered: Successful roll out of all 5 sites to tight deadlines and enabling prescheduled marketing campaigns to start on time.


More happy clients:

The Handbag Rental, a retail eCommerce startup in fashion sector. Specified requirements, arranged development, and delivered a complete bespoke digital eCommerce platform. 2013.

Science Navigation Group, a serial startups incubator. I was hired to design UX, and code web, mobile and data applications for internal and external clients. 2008 - 2013.

Netdrink, a Food & Beverages retail. Led online retail channel development from conception to launch, setting up operations on a foreign market, merchandising, digital marketing. 2004 - 2007.

Bravocom, a mobile network operator, telecom. Built up customer service, call centre and billing department from scratch, delivered supporting IT systems. Directed the fully operational department until handover. 2003 - 2006.

Album, a 36 million views a month digital asset manager. Managed client's digital transformation and IT systems re-platforming, reorganised customer service and operations. 2002 - 2007.

Casino Vegas Club, online entertainment. Provided technical platform for online gambling, fraud screening and analysis tools, games, managed licensing, digital marketing and operations, P/L. 2000 - 2003.


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