Tuljo Randmaa

Tuljo Randmaa - the best ever project manager.

Accomplished manager.


1979 to 1990 - progressed to managerial roles in telecommunication.

1990 to 2000 - led and managed international business projects in commerce, retail and supply chains.

2000 to 2017 - digital and eCommerce projects, managed digital transformation and business change, provided technical solutions.

Key strengths include the insight and knowledge gained during 25+ years in management, taking ownership and getting things moving, hands on IT technology and eCommerce experience.

Educational background

Maritime Academy in communication.


Married. 2 sons, one in data other in mechanics.

Hobbies: technology trends, personal development, fitness.
Launced my very first website in 1993, right after the World Wide Web was invented, have been hands on with webmastering since ever.

Living near London in United Kingdom.


Any opportunity to explore something new, to have a positive impact.


My key strenghts as other people see it.

Personal traits: positive, pragmatic, patient. Organized and self-motivated.