IT Consultancy

Tuljo Randmaa

Biography and pen-portrait of an IT consultant and project manager Tuljo Randmaa.
A seasoned and accomplished manager.


1979 to 1990 - progressed to managerial roles in telecommunication.

1990 to 2000 - led and managed international businesses in commerce, retail, telecom, electronics, supply chain.

2000 to 2019 - ecommerce and ERP projects, managed digital transformation and business change, delivered technical solutions.

Key strengths include the insight and knowledge gained during 30+ years in management, taking ownership and getting things moving, hands on IT technology and eommerce experience.

Educational background

Maritime Academy in communications.


Married. 2 sons active across the data, robotics and automotive.

Hobbies: technology trends and personal development.
Launched my very first website in 1993, right after the World Wide Web was invented, have been hands-on with webmastering since ever.

Living near London in United Kingdom.


Any opportunity to explore something new, gain knowledge, growth.

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