Personal characteristics

Personal characteristics of Tuljo Randmaa.The key is to nail down a strong project plan.


As evaluated by Cavendish Management Development

Tuljo's logical, analytical approach combined with his intuitive gifts allows him to maintain his focus on tasks and ideas. Tuljo is logical and analytical, an ingenious thinker and long-range planner, and good at anything that requires rapid reasoning. Tuljo's skill at taking a very broad, long-range view of things contributes to his reputation as something of a visionary.

He is intensely curious and is always seeking to find coherence in endless amounts of data. Independent, logical and determined, he is good with analysis.

Tuljo's nature is to observe quietly and he appears to be collecting data on everything. However, when an emergency occurs, he can move swiftly to the root of the problem to deal with it expeditiously.

Key strengths

People expect that any job which Tuljo is involved in will be done well. They will rarely be disappointed.

As a team member

Tuljo is a veritable storehouse of information on a wide variety of things he knows well.

Decision maker

People count on Tuljo for insightful analyses and forthright judgements. He makes decisions after a great deal of thought and he may not be dissuaded by emotional or muddled arguments. He is realistic, practical and matter-of-fact. One of his strong points is using experiences from past to help solve current problems and get things done.

As a analytical and highly organised thinker he possesses a sense of precision and pays attention to detail. He always tries to decide as much as possible through logical, analytical and highly organised thinking. Although gifted in both sensing and intuition, he rather bases plans and decisions on established procedures and logic than listens to his inner voice. He is a good problem solver because he can absorb necessary factual information and find logical, unbiased and sensible solutions quickly.


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Tuljo is a seasoned manager, great designer of systems, master of rationalisation and simplification.