Edit PDF files with Inkscape

Editing PDF files.

Adobe Acrobat is a native PDF editor. It's drawback is that if you need to edit some text in a PDF and that font is missing from your computer, Adobe refuses to work with this text. The only way is to find out what fonts are used in that PDF, and purchase them. It can cost up to $500 - $700.

Foxit Phantom PDF editor is able to reuse the embedded fonts. But Foxit can only reuse fonts that are embedded. If a character you need is missing from that set, you can substitute it with some other font. Doing so messes your editing up. Again you have to buy the missing fonts. Another inconvenience with Foxit Phantom PDF editor is that it handles images somehow weirdly.

These two programs are suitable for only simplistic tweaks in your own PDF documents. In case you need to work with an artwork of unknown origin, look better for Inkscape.

Inkscape is a handy tool for serious PDF editing. Inkscape is freeware, an open source SVG graphics editor released under the GPL.

2 stages of editing PDFs with Inkscape

Inkscape PDF

Inkscape problem with some PDF files

When opening a PDF with Inkscape some characters are missing.

Resulting PDF is way too large for web

Uncompressed PDF Output. It seems that Inkscape is only able to output uncompressed PDFs. Once you export or print a PDF, look at its file size. If it is way too large for your application, reduce it:


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